Bao's Chickens


Bao debuted his chicken masterpieces at yaytso gallery Lacy Studio’s first open studio event. He led new friends on a short scavenger hunt where they collected chickens hidden around the premises. After collecting six chickens, they were prompted to discover the heralded green chicken. Upon finding the green chicken, Bao bestowed these adventurous chicken hunters with their very own chicken masterpiece painted by Bao on the spot. Here is one of his masterpieces:

a wonderful chicken masterpiece (Bao 2023)
Bao displayed one of his chicken dreams. He explained one of his dreams in great deal to Ariel's computer, and using Stable Diffusion they were able to render the dream in full. People curious to see the chickeny themes bouncing around in Bao's little brain were able to do so by scanning the poster plastered onto the wall.

Bao’s friend Leon created a little 3D model of Bao that people could use to step into his paws and run around the gallery. Everyone enjoyed collecting chicken and seeing the world through his little eyes for a moment.

Bao & all had a wonderful time at the grand opening. He is quite excited & inspired to show even more chicken magic at the next one :)