Is Anyone There?

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Unhinging myself from the modern day social apparatus gives me the sensation that I am floating through space. Both in the sense that there is a weightless feeling to my mental rotations, and that I am alone. I hold onto this not because of a desire to be a hermit, but more so that I believe there is a better way. I believe there are ways to communicate that are so mundane and simple that they somehow transcend the shallow perception we subsume when we shallowly skim on the surface of all things flying at us at once.

For there is an edge that exists on the side when you turn yourself on it, a sliver of the future that shines through the constant OLED. A space where attention is plentiful and your nose has room to roam, guided by such things that move you one way or another, instead of vigorously pulling you. My calling is to bring you in here, show you what can surround you, and then subsequently show you the door if you would like to leave. It is not severe, it is not a red pill, it is merely another way that cherishes your senses.