yaytso gallery

Located at Lacy Studio Lofts in Lincoln Heights, yaytso gallery is an interactive art space. Events include various forms of digital art & interactive experiences featuring artists of all folds and species bao


Ariel Klevecz

Ariel is the creator of yaytso gallery where he is constantly experimenting with any bleeding edge tech he can get his hands on. Jack of all tech, master of none, he is currently working on various projects at the intersection of AI, blockchain, AR, 3D printing, QR/NFC tagging, & likely any other buzzword you can think of.

if you would like to contact him press this:

you can also find his flower work here: ariel klevecz

Bao Klevecz

Bao is the featured artist of yaytso gallery. At first glance he is seemingly a normal-- yet incredibly handsome-- french bulldog, but as you get to know him you realize there is a little more going on inside of his disproportionately large head.

For one, he has a deep love of chickens that inspires much-- if not all-- of his artwork. Within that and his penchant for expressing his irreverent youthful qualities, you can see how his form has been molded by his love for his favorite visual artist, Jean Michel-Basquiat.

Bao loves making friends of any species, & would love to meet you at the next yaytso gallery event. you can find his chicken work on his personal site here: baos haos